Learning Photography: Do it Yourself Lightbox

Hey everyone,

This tuesday we will be meeting at Manna Church Cliffdale Site 6:30 pm to build a light box.  A light box is just what it sounds like, a box with light in it.  We are building a DIY light box

Take a look at the below video for a brief view of a light box and how to build one. I am providing the boxes and tissue paper so all you need to bring is a white poster board, tape and objects to photograph.  If you have shop lights or other lamps bring those as well to light your light box. Three lights are ideal but two or even one will work well.

lights  DIY Lightbox


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Group images

Here are pictures taken with my camera over the past few weeks.  I don’t think many or any are mine so these are some sweet images by YOU.


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WOW, haven’t posted in a while.

Sorry for not posting in a while.  Balancing my newly expanding photo business with a new principal this year has been tough on the schedule.  I hope you atleast getting the emails.

We had a great time the last few weeks working on portraits and I would like to thank the Jones’ and Rafael Abreu for coming out and highlighting our group for video announcements.  We all had a blast.

Quick note that Rafael mentioned: if you want to highlight the EP service(s) on Sunday or other service(s) you are more than welcome.  Bring your camera to any of the services, walk down the aisles, get up close and snap some pictures.  Send the pictures to me at RDJ413@gmail.com and I can relay them to Rafael.  They are looking for some candids of all the services (Rafael is site pastor at EP so he has bias toward EP but any services will be great).



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5th meeting: Oct 19th 6 pm Downtown Fayetteville – Creativity


I missed you all last week but work sometimes has a way of messing with what you love.  I am eager to see you all this Tuesday at 6pm outside Rude Awakening/Cameo Theatre to work on shooting some creative photos.

Bring your cameras and take a look at the video above on creativity and the rule of thirds.

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4th meeting: Creativity10/12/10

Our 4th meeting will be Downtown at 6 pm (time changed due to the amount of available light) in front of Rude Awakening Cafe/Cameo Theatre on Tuesday Oct 12th.

If you are unfamiliar with downtown give me a call when you are close to downtown and I can help you out or Map out Rude Awakening or Cameo on mapquest.com or googlemap.com.

Our topic will be Creativity working on the rule of thirds, angles and POV (point of view).  We will be using our learned knowledge of aperture and shutter speed so keep practicing this weekend.


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Creating a wordpress.com account

Below is a hopefully easy step guide to setting up your wordpress.com blog account.  If you are unfamiliar with blogs think of a blog as another facebook account.  Others can view your posts (writings, pictures, quotes, videos, etc.) just like facebook but it has the look and feel more like a website than a social media site.

What is a blog?

1. Log onto wordpress.com and click Sign Up

2. Fill out necessary information (make sure you CLICK Gimme a blog!)

3.  You will be directed to your dashboard page. Look at this page for steps on how to use the dashboardhttp://en.support.wordpress.com/dashboard/

Watch the 2 below videos for dashboard help.

4. To post on your blog watch these videos

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Fall 2010 Week 1 Assignment: Shutter Speed

This week’s assignment (Sept 21 – 28th) is Shutter Speed.  Start using the shutter speed on manual setting to make pictures instead of taking them.  If you need some advice or a review refer back to the help sheets I handed out on Tuesday or click on “Videos, tips and tricks” for a few shutter speed videos.  See you all Tuesday.

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