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This is Ryan Jackson, Leader of the Manna Church Photography Small Group. It was great meeting all of you Sunday. I’m super stoked to shoot with you in the very near future. This will be the start of an email list that will highlight our meetings, extra shoots, blog updates and more. I state blog updates because one of our fearless pastors (Matt Harmer) suggested we start a blog. I found the suggestion to be awesome. I’ll hopefully have it up by the end of the week. I’ll send you an email when it’s up and running. The blog (a web log) will be used to share pictures, ideas, meetings and talk photography. I’ll use this email list and the blog to update everyone on this summer’s activities.

I talked to all of you about photography on some level or another and there is a variety of interests for taking the group. So exciting!! We can help each other out in areas that we need more practice in.

The first meeting will take place on Tuesday June 8th at 6:30 pm in the Hall of Nations. The Hall of Nations is the long hallway on the left as you enter the vestibule to the main worship center. Bring your camera! We will shot every meeting. The best way to become a better photographer is to shoot often.

The agenda for the first meeting is to meet each other, talk photography, receive an “itinerary” of the group meetings, and to learn how to use our cameras. If your new to photography, have a point and shoot and use it all the time or need to dust off your SLR every meeting will be very beneficial and improve your photography. I can’t wait to improve mine.

Tentatively, the 2nd and 3rd meeting will be “The Triangle of Exposure” and “Lighting”, respectively. I say tentatively because I want your input. The first blog entry will be “What you want to learn.” Look for that email. I will cater where we will shoot and what we will concentrate on from your input.

For the future, at the end of the summer small group cycle (end of August) we will be blessing others with our photographic talents. I want to collaborate with another Manna small group that serves the less fortunate and bless those who we serve with a free photo session. It will be a tremendous blessing to offer a free session and prints to those who likely will never have a photograph taken of them. More to come on this.

I believe that’s it for now so I’ll leave you with a quote.

“Photographers don’t take pictures, they make them”


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