What you want to learn and shoot

What you want to learn and shoot.  Pretty self explanatory.  A few suggestions: lighting, how to use your camera, portraits, “how do I get the blurry background”, “I always get blurry pictures when its dark”, “why do I only get the picture I want every so often?”, sunsets, flowers, “I want professional looking pictures made easy”, indoor shoots, “I’m so lost”, and the list could go on.

Leave a comment with what you want to learn and I’ll do my best to cover the topics most people want to cover.  I just want to shoot with others and enjoy the passion God gave me along side you.



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6 responses to “What you want to learn and shoot

  1. Matt W Harmer

    I just want to say that I’m excited to take my photography to the next level, with this group pushing it there. I’m looking forward to learning and growing a lot.

    That said, my goal is to come away from this group having gained the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to shoot on total manual settings 100% of the time. The primary target of my photography is portraiture, but I also love landscape, abstract, wedding, and pet photography. I am very weak when it comes to making great photos in an indoor setting, so help with that would be welcomed as well.

    I’m using a Nikon D80 DSLR camera with a Sigma 28-70mm 1:2.8-4D AutoFocus lens.

    Looking forward to meeting everybody!

  2. Josh Teague

    I was given a new digital camera from someone my mom worked with at the VA. I’ve used it some, but I would like to learn its features, and how to use it in any situation. Also, I would like to learn about lighting, getting the best angle, and the best position to shoot from.

  3. I’m excited to get started. I have a Canon S5IS. I want to learn how to use all the options to enhance my photographs.
    My main purpose in this group is fellowship, learning to take better pictures, to enhance my business, and in the end as Ryan has stated, “take pictures of the less fortunate “. See you Tuesday.

  4. CNB

    I’d love to know how to better use many of the features my canon has to offer. I’d also be interested in learning some editing techniques using photoshop. I’m mostly looking forward to this opportunity to fellowship and learn from the talents of those around me.

  5. I have a point and shoot camera and have been looking at getting an SLR. I really love taking still life pictures, but I’d like to figure out how to take staged pictures and how to set them up so they make good pictures.

    I’m really excited about the fellowship too 🙂

  6. I have a camera, I have kids, I love to run! I don’t like to read instructions, I don’t like hot spicy foods. I would like to learn and shoot sport action pictures. I enjoy taking pictures at my kids games.
    see everyone soon.

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