Week 3: Creative Lighting in Downtown Fayetteville


Our 3rd group meeting will be Downtown Fayetteville 6:30 pm in front of the Cameo Theatre and Rude Awakening coffee shop. We will be “photo walking” the area for an organic teaching experience looking at light and how to use it to our advantage.  This is where creativity is spawned (no negative pun intended) because you see, feel, sometimes hear and experience your photos.

If you are unclear where the Cameo or Rude Awakening are located please call me at 910 916 1493.

I will likely be downtown around 5/5:30 shooting on my own.  You are more than welcome to join me at that time to shoot more.

See you then,


Using light one morning in front of Rude Awakening

P.S.  A lot of people will be asking us if this is a photography class when they see tons of people in a group with cameras.  This is a great opportunity to invite them to the group and more importantly segway into a “divine appointment” from God.  Pray about that tonight and see where God leads you.


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  1. carlapics

    I really enjoyed this! Thanks Ryan for the information 🙂

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