Assignment for 6/23-6/28: Creative lighting pictures

I apologize for those who didn’t make the 6/22 meeting for the delay in getting this post out about this week’s assignment until now.  Been busy but still no excuse.  This week’s assignment is creative lighting.  In Tuesday’s group we worked seeing the available light and using it to our advantage to be creative and capturing mood in pictures.  If you missed the meeting check out the videos on the top of this page under “Videos, tips and tricks,”  That’s a great way to catch up if you miss any meetings.

I was so impressed with the pictures many of you took on Tuesday.  Carla had her new D90 for the first day and produced some amazing creative pictures.  Nice job girl.  Bret and Danielle were working the camera like models and being rock stars.  Steve and Ark used the sun to their advantage and really used the camera to their advantage as well adjusting the setting.  Kim and Elise and Madison were having a blast and impressing me with their pics and creativity.  I loved seeing that. Josh had a smile on his face and so did I from his pictures.   Will and Megan were building on their  photographer’s eye for getting great pictures.

If you haven’t already make sure you check out everyone’s blogs, subscribe to them to receive email updates of their posts, and comment on each other’s posts.

Have a great weekend shooting and can’t wait to see you all Tuesday.


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