5th meeting

Our 5th meeting will be editing.  I will be referring to Photoshop Elements 8 in the meeting on basic editing features to make your pictures look amazing.  If you don’t have Photoshop Elements 8 but a older version of Elements than you will not miss a beat.  If you have another editing program, even a basic one like iPhoto or similar you will not miss a beat either.  The techniques covered will be universal for all editing programs.  I promise and if not then I will help you out with you program the best I can.

With that said if you have a laptop bring it with you and be ready to edit some pictures.  I will be emailing all of you pictures in the next few days that we will edit together so we all can do the exact same edits on the exact same pictures in next weeks meeting.  I am hopefully getting a projector from the church( haven’t asked yet) to borrow for the group so you can all see what I am doing.  If I don’t get one can someone bring theirs.

If you don’t have any editing program then check out the two sites below. They are for Photoshop Elements 8 (the program I will be using next week).  They are free trials with no obligation to but so download them to your computer and start playing with your pictures.  The first link is for mac users (yeah).  The second link is for PC users (booo).  Just kidding.  If you like the features, I know you will and so does Adobe, then you have the option to purchase them at the end of the trial period.




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