Week 5 assignment 7/6-7/12: Edits

Hey all,

Great to see you all during the edits and our game.  I had a blast and loved seeing you all again after our little weather lull.  I called mother nature to help us out but she was on vacation in the gulf making sure the animals stay away from the spill.  She called back and apologized.

This week we are working on edits.  We discussed a few on Tuesday and I have already seen a lot from you guys.  Great work.  Keep them coming.  This coming Tuesday (July 12th) we will be working on portraits.  We will be meeting at Manna and bring your family along (spouses, kids, etc.) if desired because I will be going over a few tips on how to capture them in the moment and you can practice with them.  If its good weather I say we walk around the corner to Montclair Elementary school’s play structure and have a kid shoot (with our kids or with our hidden child like personalities that are often hidden away in the busyness of life)

Looking forward to seeing you.

In His name,



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One response to “Week 5 assignment 7/6-7/12: Edits

  1. anna lester

    Ryan…can you send me an instructional email on how to get connected.. I came with Katrina Jayne last week and am clueless on how to upload and stuff….anna

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