Week 9 meeting on 8/3: Tell me what you want to learn

Our meeting for this Tuesday, Aug 3rd, will be a topic of your choice.  So, I need your feedback.  Comment back to this post and tell me what you want to learn and I will do my best in covering it this Tuesday.  If you want to readdress a topic we have covered before, need help with you camera and its settings, want to shoot something but just don’t know how to get what you are looking for then this is the week to come and learn.

Tell me what you have in mind and I’ll help you out.  But if you don’t tell me then I can’t really help so comment back.


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One response to “Week 9 meeting on 8/3: Tell me what you want to learn

  1. Chelsey

    Sorry, I’ve been out of the loop. I feel like you’ve covered a lot that I didn’t know, now it’s just time for me to apply it all! I am interested in learning more about what angle to capture a person best. I understand that it depends on the look you are aiming to capture in the photo. But, what if someone comes to you and asks you to take a flattering photo? Any pointers? This might have been addressed at Christina’s — I was not able to make it. Thanks!

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