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Learning Photography: Do it Yourself Lightbox

Hey everyone,

This tuesday we will be meeting at Manna Church Cliffdale Site 6:30 pm to build a light box.  A light box is just what it sounds like, a box with light in it.  We are building a DIY light box

Take a look at the below video for a brief view of a light box and how to build one. I am providing the boxes and tissue paper so all you need to bring is a white poster board, tape and objects to photograph.  If you have shop lights or other lamps bring those as well to light your light box. Three lights are ideal but two or even one will work well.

lights  DIY Lightbox


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5th meeting: Oct 19th 6 pm Downtown Fayetteville – Creativity


I missed you all last week but work sometimes has a way of messing with what you love.  I am eager to see you all this Tuesday at 6pm outside Rude Awakening/Cameo Theatre to work on shooting some creative photos.

Bring your cameras and take a look at the video above on creativity and the rule of thirds.

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Last summer cycle meeting 8/24: Night Photography

Simply put: Night photography

When: Tuesday August, 24th 8:30 pm in front of Rude Awakeing/Cameo in Downtown Fayetteville

What else to bring: a flash light, laser light or tripod if you have any of them (not needed but will be cool)

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Help-Portrait Day: August 28th at RedPoint Climbing Gym

Time to use our gifts to glorify God.

Our Help-Portrait Day with be August 28th at Redpoint Climbing Gym off Raeford Rd from 3-6pm. if you need directions.

Check out to see what others are doing to bless the less fortunate with free photos.

We will have 3-5 backdrops in place to capture the moments for those we meet.

I need all of you to set aside some time this weekend and following week to make an effort to go to the hospital, shelter, meet some homeless people, etc. and pass out the invitation cards I printed.


We will be able to set up the area at 1 pm – 3 pm.  I want to be set up by 2:30 so if everyone can be there at 1:30 that would be great so we can pray and talk logistics and prepare.

Jobs: Greeters, photographers, information takers, prayers, assistants

Which ever you are interested in please comment back or email me at  I would like to know by this Sunday who is able to come and what they are willing to help with.

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Week 11 meeting: Stills

I missed you all last week but had a relaxing time with family in Michigan.  Sorry this post is sent out the day before the meeting but I forgot to send it being busy before I left for my family reunion. Please forgive.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be on stills. Stills photography is capturing objects standing still or not moving.  When photographers talk about still photography they are usually talking about small objects or medium sized objects.  So this week we will work with small objects like water in a glass or a figurine or food or a toy, etc.  Therefore, bring in a few objects you want to photograph and we will make them look spectacular.

In order to get a better idea of how to shoot stills click on the “Vidoes, Tips and Tricks” at the top of the blog and scroll down to the last video on a DIY Lightbox.  A light box or soft box is a box used to create soft light around an object.  You are more than welcome to make your own lightbox and bring it in or come watch others use there lightboxes.  I will bring in a few if i get time to make them.  They take a few minutes to make but really can make a good picture become great.

See you all tomorrow night.

Oh, one more thing.  A little bit of tomorrow’s meeting will be devoted to discussing our Help-Portrait meeting that will take place next Saturday, Aug 28th from 3-6 pm at Redpoint Climbing Gym.


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Week 10 meeting 8/10: “Photowalk”

Our 10th meeting will take place on August 10th at 6:30 in Downtown Fayetteville at the Cameo/Rude Awakening.  Our meeting will be a “Photowalk” around downtown.   A photowalk is how it sounds, photographs as you walk.  Photowalks are a creative outlet for photogs around the world.
Photowalks can be specific or completely organic in the material you are trying to capture.  You can walk and take a variety of pictures or have a specific topic in mind and capture its essence in entirety.  I personally like the latter, not the former.  For example, the last manna photography group(about a year ago) we did a photo walk for textures and lines.  Therefore we only took pictures of textures and lines and tried to exhaust all possibilites (which is impossible but a good goal).  It stretches your creativity and makes you view the photographic world around you with a different perspective.
For our meeting on the 10th I want you to pick one of the below topics and only capture pictures on that topic.  Find subjects, shoot a lot of pictures of each, and then find other ones. Walk by yourself, with a partner, with music, or however you desire.  The only rule is to have fun and make great pictures.  I say make pictures because you should be controlling the camera and not have the camera control you.
Tips on creativity: Get low, get high, tilt the camera, get in close, use reflections, frame the subject, use blur artistically, overexpose on purpose, underexpose on purpose, shoot to tell a story, normal is often boring

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Week 9 meeting on 8/3: Tell me what you want to learn

Our meeting for this Tuesday, Aug 3rd, will be a topic of your choice.  So, I need your feedback.  Comment back to this post and tell me what you want to learn and I will do my best in covering it this Tuesday.  If you want to readdress a topic we have covered before, need help with you camera and its settings, want to shoot something but just don’t know how to get what you are looking for then this is the week to come and learn.

Tell me what you have in mind and I’ll help you out.  But if you don’t tell me then I can’t really help so comment back.

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