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4th meeting: Creativity10/12/10

Our 4th meeting will be Downtown at 6 pm (time changed due to the amount of available light) in front of Rude Awakening Cafe/Cameo Theatre on Tuesday Oct 12th.

If you are unfamiliar with downtown give me a call when you are close to downtown and I can help you out or Map out Rude Awakening or Cameo on or

Our topic will be Creativity working on the rule of thirds, angles and POV (point of view).  We will be using our learned knowledge of aperture and shutter speed so keep practicing this weekend.



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Creating a account

Below is a hopefully easy step guide to setting up your blog account.  If you are unfamiliar with blogs think of a blog as another facebook account.  Others can view your posts (writings, pictures, quotes, videos, etc.) just like facebook but it has the look and feel more like a website than a social media site.

What is a blog?

1. Log onto and click Sign Up

2. Fill out necessary information (make sure you CLICK Gimme a blog!)

3.  You will be directed to your dashboard page. Look at this page for steps on how to use the dashboard

Watch the 2 below videos for dashboard help.

4. To post on your blog watch these videos

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Week 4 (6/29 to 7/5) Assignment: Creative Pictures + Fireworks assignment

We didn’t meet this week due to the weather (bummer) but there are 2 vidoes under “Videos, Tips and Tricks” on creative composition and the rule of thirds that you can watch and learn from.  I don’t want to deviate from the schedule because we will continually touch on creativity of photos until we all go to heaven so I’m not worried about our missed meeting however, I did miss all of you.

Watch the videos and post creative photos and ones using the rule of thirds.

Bonus posts/assignment: Before our next meeting, July 5th, we will likely watch some fireworks.  This is a great time to pull out the camera and tripods.  On your calendars I put a link to firework photography.  Here is the link just in case you lost your calendar.

Can’t wait to see your pictures.

Until then,


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“What’s the subject of this photograph?” from Photofocus

A great little tip found by our fearless pastor Matt harmer.

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